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About Future Integrated Technologies

The Strategic Projects Division is the core business unit of Future Integrated Technologies Co. (FIT) that has been spun-off from the Test and Measurement Division in Future Communication Company (FCC) in the year 2006, driven since then by genuine demand and honorable trust from the local customers for state-of-the-art niche Technologies and Measurement Systems and Solutions among the Government and Private Sectors with a special focus on Regulation, Educational, Defense, Aviation, Maritime and Public Security.

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Our Turnkey Services


Our expert consultants bring industry-specific knowledge to guide you through strategic decision-making, ensuring your business stays ahead.


Transform your vision into reality with our cutting-edge design solutions, tailored to suit your brand and objectives.


Access a comprehensive range of high-quality products and materials to support your operations and projects.


Empower your team with specialized training programs that enhance skills and keep your workforce competitive


Optimize your business operations with our solutions that streamline processes and drive efficiency.


Rely on our dedicated support team for ongoing assistance, ensuring your business always runs smoothly.

Our Businesses

About Future Integrated Technologies

  • Test and Measurement Equipment and Systems
  • Educational Laboratory Equipment and systems.
  • Radio Frequency Spectrum Monitoring & Management.
  • IoT Products and systems.
  • Specialized Security Systems
  • Security Scanning Devices.
  • Secure Radio Communication Systems
  • Quality Evaluation & Monitoring Systems
  • Terrestrial and Satellite broadcasting.
  • Public Safety Systems and Solutions
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